Residential – Commercial – Automobile Locksmith

Locksmith Huntington Park

Possessing a locksmith contact is a handy thing to have, you never know when you might find yourself in a predicament and be in need of their help or advice.

A Locksmith is someone who works with locks, keys and security concerns on a daily basis. They are highly trained individuals who can pick locks, service and install locks, duplicate keys and secure properties. There are three main categories in which a locksmith works, residential – your home or apartment, Commercial – an office space or building, shop front, Automobile – any motorized vehicle requiring a mechanical or electric key.

You should be able to find a locksmith either by word of mouth, advertising or internet. Locksmithing isn’t a job for just anyone, it requires skill and precision so be aware of cowboy companies giving locksmiths a bad name. Locksmith should also follow regulations they need to be licensed, insured and bonded. The technicians should be well trained and certified and mobile units provided with precise tools for each job.

A Residential Locksmith is there to help you in an emergency such as you being locked out of your property or with less pressing matters like re-keying. Locksmith services provided by a Residential locksmith are:-

24 hour Emergency Lockout

New Lock Installation/ Repair


Mailbox, Gates, Sheds, Window Locks

Safes, Padlocks, Office Desk and Drawers

Access Control Systems

CCTV / Surveillance

Sometimes we have issue at our workplace a Commercial Locksmith specialist is the best person for the job as they will be able to service those specific needs. A Commercial Locksmith can provide assistance for the following:-

 24 Hour Emergency Lockout

CCTV and Surveillance systems

Alarm System – service and repair

Access Control Systems Keypad, Magnetic Card or Biometric

High Security Lock installation and repair

Master Key System


Intercom Systems

Filing cabinets

Office Desk / Doors

Internal doors

Plus many other services, the locksmith will also be willing and able to carry out a full safety inspection for you and make recommendation with regardless to weak areas in your commercial properties security.

Automobile Locksmiths are available to attend to you at your location. They will be able to provide services for almost all makes, models and year of cars. When dealing with any vehicle issue the make, model and year is a requirement that should be given to the dispatcher enabling them to provide you with an automobile carrying stock and that has the ability to fix the stated vehicle. Automobile services include:-

 24hr Car Lockout

Car Key replacement

Key extraction

Ignition Fix or Replacement

Trunk Lockout

Key Fob

Chip Key Reprograming

Transponder Key

 Feel free to make enquiries with the locksmith company all services are not always stated. Most Locksmith companies provided services around the clock, 7 days a week. Locksmiths deal with lock and key issues on a daily basis they really do know and understand the nature of your problems, with that experience comes excellent service and quality craftsmanship and fair honest pricing. Call for your emergency service or schedule an appointment today, all forms of security are important and should be given your time and concern.


 Locksmith Huntington Park

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